Costa Mesa, California
$34.62 - 46.68 An Hour
Internal Audit Specialist
Coast Community College District
Posted: 03-Aug-22
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Type: Full Time
Preferred Education: 4 Year Degree
Other - Accounting
Internal Number: 59980
Coast Community College District
Internal Audit Specialist
Job# D-002-23
Salary: $72,019.00 - $97,095.00 Annually
Deadline: 8/12/2022 12:00 AM Pacific
Full job description and OFFICIAL application available ONLY at:
Supervision Received
The Director of Internal Audit provides guidance and training as necessary and as required to comply with auditing standards; the incumbent is expected to report to and take direction from the Internal Audit Director while building and maintaining relationships with management, faculty, and staff throughout the District.
Direction and Independence of Action
The incumbent is expected to work with some degree of independence and latitude while collaborating with the Internal Audit Director Internal Audit is expected to produce accurate work product, free from error. As such, errors in the work product could put the department's reputation at risk, affect the decisions made by District management, and create re-work and new reports to be issued. This position requires dependability, integrity, professionalism, independence and objectivity, as well as confidentiality and ethical responsibility. All this must be performed in environment that values transparency and respects that the District is a public institution.
The incumbent performs financial, operational, compliance, performance, and investigative audits at the District and college sites. Provides quantitative reports/summaries based on the compilation of surveys, data collection, interviews, and data analysis. Documents results of work related to audits and investigations by maintaining and updating files, databases, schedules, proofreading and assembling reports, recording recollections of meetings. Assists in the development and presentation of reports and recommendations.
Distinguishing Career Features
The Internal Audit Specialist provides independent and objective assessments and assists the Internal Audit Director in the execution and implementation of the District's annual audit plan, as well as any impromptu assignments that may arise.
The Internal Audit Specialist assesses internal controls to prepare risk assessments and mitigate the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse. The Internal Audit Specialist evaluates programs, operations, fiscal records, policies and procedures, contracts, grant agreements, and state and federal laws and regulations as applicable. The incumbent may also participate in investigations related to fraud, waste, and abuse, and ethics. In addition, incumbent may develop and deliver training related to Internal Audit functions, ethics, internal controls, fraud, waste, and abuse. Overall, work is performed while adhering to industry standards for audits and investigations.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Specific duties may vary among departments and jobs. Incumbents typically perform a substantial portion or all of the following kinds of duties:
Gathers data from various District information systems, personnel, and observations made at work sites, for audits, consulting engagements, and investigations of CCCD operations, activities, functions, and programs. Documents and organizes information in working papers.
Reviews and analyzes collected information for trends and consistency, making notation of unusual patterns or quality variations. Documents and organizes results in accordance with auditing standards and industry best practices.
Creates work plan to complete assignments and develops and performs sampling and detailed testing with limited direction.
Researches legal mandates, policies and procedures, best practices, regulations, labor contracts, grant agreements, previous audit, consulting, and investigative reports, and other materials relevant to projects. Conducts assessments of internal controls to mitigate risk of fraud, waste, abuse.
Compiles District-wide audit universe and performs risk assessments related to projects in an effort to identify internal controls or potential weaknesses in internal controls. Makes recommendations to improve District operations, reduce cost, and ensure optimization of resources and efficiencies.
Provides administrative support to audits. Plans, schedules, and prepares materials for meetings in a timely manner; maintains audit records.
Responds to inquiries, conveys information, and provides training about the services provided by Internal Audit.
Produces pre-approved reports, correspondence, forms, charts and graphs using various business, office suite, and audit software (Teammate+). Drafts selected report materials that include recommendations, procedures, manuals, briefing packets, and proposed policy changes within established timelines. Receives and assembles working papers to comply with IPPF and GAGAS standards as well as District policies and procedures.
Coordinates and sets up meeting facilities. Assists in preparing work-in-progress reports for District management, sets up business calendars and cycles, then monitors key deadlines and/or time lines for projects, and work activities.
Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.
Qualifications and Physical Demands
Knowledge and Skills:
The position requires the ability to apply the principles, and practices of government performance auditing, the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) as promulgated by the Instituted of Internal Auditors, and Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards as promulgated by the Government Accountability Office. Requires basic knowledge of the principles, practices and methods of organizational, operational, financial, administrative, performance and procedural research and analysis, including program evaluation and audit methodologies. Requires basic knowledge of internal controls, audit processes, and professional standards and regulations. Requires working knowledge of office practices, procedures and equipment, including filing systems, receptionist and telephone techniques. Requires a basic knowledge of the rules, regulations, protocols, and procedures associated with public meetings, hearings, and the legislative process. Requires working knowledge of MS Office, web page design programs, special applications used by the organization unit, and data entry to custom data bases such as those for auditing. Requires sufficient knowledge of modern English to prepare accurate reports suitable for public distributionRequires sufficient human relations skill to convey technical information, adapt to diverse personalities and styles, collaborate with work teams, and engage in small group discussions.
Requires the ability to independently perform all of the duties of the position, at the District Office or from any of the campus sites. Requires the ability to pay attention to detail, accurately take and transcribe notes and/or meeting minutes/recollections. Must be able to learn, interpret, explain and apply knowledge of District organization, Board and committee processes, and special terminology used in auditing and higher education. Requires the ability to research and interpret policies and procedures, and convey results without technical jargon, to a large audience of administrators, management and staff. Requires the ability to apply internal auditing principles and preferred business practices effectively during the course of business. Requires the ability to prepare spreadsheets, graphs and charts, and enter, import and export data to and from databases, and access information from internal and external databases to support research. Requires the ability to collect, evaluate and interpret a broad range of data, either in electronic, written, statistical or narrative form. Requires the ability to apply audit and investigation standards, as well as best practices from Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO). Requires the ability to multi-task and perform related duties on multiple projects simultaneously. Requires the ability to exercise independent judgment, and liaise with external auditors. Requires the ability to provide effective presentations to a wide audience. Requires the ability to learn, understand, interpret, and apply applicable laws codes, and policies. Requires the ability to prepare clear and concise reports, correspondence and other documents appropriate to the audience. Requires the ability to be detail oriented for accuracy and impact to work product. Requires the ability to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing. Requires the ability to complete required annual training requirements to comply with applicable audit standards. Requires the ability to maintain collaborative relationships with diverse groups of people and with those encountered on work-related matters. Requires the ability to conduct limited scope studies.
Licenses and Certificates:
Requires a valid driver license. Professional certifications are preferred, but not required.
Annual training is required to comply with applicable audit standards, which may require local, state, or out-of-state travel.
Physical Abilities:
Incumbent must be able to function indoors engaged in work of primarily a sedentary nature. Some assignments may require outdoor exposure based upon the needs of the District. Requires sufficient ambulatory ability to move about office environs and locations. Requires the ability to sit for extended periods of time to accomplish desk work. Requires sufficient arm, hand, and finger dexterity in order to use a personal computer keyboard, multi-media presentation, and other office equipment. Requires hearing and speaking skills to communicate in one-on-one and group settings. Requires visual acuity to read printed materials and projected screens. Requires the ability to move, push, pull, and/or lift up to 25 pounds.
Working Conditions:
Work is performed while adhering to industry standards for audits and investigations.
Work is performed indoors where minimal safety considerations exist.
Education and Experience:
The position requires a Bachelor's degree in public or business administration, accounting, or a related discipline and one year of experience related to audit, program evaluations, or data anlaysis. Alternatively, the position may allow an Associate's degree and five years of progressive experience supporting audits, projects, and financial operations. Or, any combination of education and experience which would provide the equivalent qualifications for this position.
A Master's degree is desirable, but not required. preferred.
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